Managing Tasks in the List View


Manage a Task in List View


1. Go to Tasks

Click on "TASKS" in the left menu bar.


Go to Tasks

Click on "List" to view the tasks as a list.

view list

Click on "Subject" to sort the list by subject.

sort subjectr

Click on "Start Date" to sort the list by start date.

sort start

Click on "Due Date" to sort by Due Date.

sort due

Click on "Status" To sort by status.

sort status

Click on "Priority" to sort by Priority.

sort priority

Click next to the "Showing x records" to select the number of records displayed per page.

record count

By clicking on "Filter", you can choose to view tasks by owner: yourself, a selected user, or everyone in the firm.

filtertask by user

By clicking on "My Tasks", you can view tasks assigned by you, assigned to you, or both.

filter tasks by assigner

You can view tasks by status: All, Active, Done, Closed, To Do, In Progress, Waiting on Someone, Deferred, Canceled, or Complete.

filter tasks by status

By clicking on "Due Status", you can filter tasks according to whether they are Past Due, Due Today, Next Week, Next Month, Next Year, Upcoming, or All.