Office Calendar Appointments


Office Calendar Appointments

The Office Calendar lets you schedule appointments that involve multiple team members, as well as view appointments from the calendars of other team members (unless those appointments are marked "Private").


1. Go to Office Calendar

Select Office Calendar icon on the left.


Go to Office Calendar

2. Select Users

Check or uncheck names of the users whose calendars should be included.


Select Users

3. Click on New Appointment in top toolbar

Click on New Appointment in top toolbar

Enter the details for this appointment just as you would for an appointment on your personal calendar.


appt details

4. Select Owner

This dropdown will list all the users you selected in Step #2.


Select Owner

5. Description

Add a text description here.



6. Done!

Click on "Save" to finish and you're done.

This appointment will now show on your personal calendar, as well.



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